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Sign-Up Parties

We need help from all of our collective groups.  Please consider donating a party to keep the Immac fun going well past the night of the Auction!

Below are ideas but the sky is the limit - we welcome any ideas!

A super fun part of the auction is the "Sign-Up Parties" Section, where people get to sign up for both child and adult parties.  Signing up for these parties is a great way to further friendships with your fellow Immacolata parishioners as well as a great way to raise additional funds for the Auction.

Before people can sign up, we need parties donated and that is where YOU come in!

Thank you so much for thinking of donating a party!  Revenue from these parties is an integral part of our Auction!


Please note - your party can be open to anyone or only for certain grades.  We are hoping to have more kid parties available to multiple grades, to encourage more participation.  If you do not do a specific grade, you can put a limit on number of attendees.

Host a Sign-Up Party

Thanks for submitting your party! Someone will be in touch soon.

Parent Party Ideas



Kid Party Ideas



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